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About Us

Park Crest Day Care, a ministry of Park Crest Assembly of God, opened its doors in 1977 on South Kansas Avenue. Jolene Bixler established this ministry and remained its director for over 20 years. The program started with only nine children and we are currently licensed for one hundred and fifty children. We currently provide preschool for ages two through five and have before and after school childcare for students Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Over the years, God has faithfully provided children, personnel and the proper facilities to accommodate our community and its needs. Our hope is for continual growth as God leads us in the days ahead.

Park Crest Day Care & Preschool (PCDC) strives to develop good social skills, make learning fun, and establish a daily routine, which meets the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and educational needs of children. We want to take every opportunity for our children to develop into whole individuals. This process is attained as the children interact with their environment through developmentally appropriate curriculum, which includes a Christ-centered approach.

The Bible is our rule for faith and practice. We believe that all scriptures are inspired. We believe in the one true God, the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, the fall of man, the salvation of man, the ordinances of church, and in the church and its mission. We believe that the Bible is the basis of fellowship among us.

It has been said that “play is the work of a child,” and it is through play and interaction with their environment that children develop the concepts they will need for future academic success. Psychologists have stressed that children must progress through various stages of development at their own pace, and should be given many opportunities for concrete experience before they are able to think in abstract terms. We at Park Crest Day Care & Preschool strive to provide developmentally appropriate curriculum for preschool children.

The Board of Directors, Church Board, and the Director are the official policy making body for the Day Care and Preschool. The Director has the responsibility of administering the policies and programs established. The Board of Directors are members of Life360 Church Park Crest Campus. The teachers and assistants teachers work directly under the Assistant Director who works in a support staff role to the Director. The Board of Directors and Church Board serve over the Daycare Director and are headed up by the senior pastor.

We request that you respect those in authority in a Biblical manner, and those in authority will respect your right to be informed. It is the Board of Directors’ desire and responsibility to maintain open communication with all in our Day Care & Preschool.

Parents are urged to pray for the daycare, cooperate fully in its educational functions, seek the advancement in all areas including spiritual and academic and financial, to recommend our services to other families, to volunteer duties when opportunities arise, and attend the various functions the daycare puts on.

The following guidelines are designed to promote positive partnership between parents and staff, director and teacher:

  • If you have a question regarding a rule or policy, feel free to contact the director or a member of the administration. Please approach it with respect, not negativity.
  • Approach teachers at appropriate times to discuss any matter. It is not recommended to approach the teacher when dropping off or picking up children for matters that may require more time than a moment or two due to the many duties of the teachers. An appointment should be requested to address any issue requiring extended discussion.
  • Particular attention to discretion should be paid in any instance in which students may overhear an interaction. As such, written concerns to the teacher or administration are always welcome.
  • All communication with staff and administration should be calm and respectful in both tone and content.
  • Be specific in expressing concerns by pinpointing examples and/or using factual information, and have a reason for your opinion. Seek to provide possible solutions or suggestions to correct or improve a situation.
  •  If a verbal discussion with the Director does not prove satisfactory, the matter should be put in writing and forwarded to the Board of Directors to be considered at the next scheduled meeting. The Board of Directors will address the matter at their discretion, and respond in writing, if appropriate. The Board of Directors and/or the Senior Pastor, if necessary, will make a final decision to be adhered by all.
  •  If you become dissatisfied with the Daycare & Preschool in any respect, seek to resolve the matter with the individual involved rather than begin to speak criticism or hold a negative attitude in your heart. Please do not criticize rules or guidelines established by the Administration because this undermines the authority of the Day Care & Preschool and limits the help we give your children.